Using Effective Business Communication

Someone walks into your office and tells you that the ten important packages you couriered have safely arrived in Albany, New York. Unfortunately, they were supposed to go to Albany, Georgia. This is an announcement no one wants to hear. This course is designed to help you use effective business communication as an effective administrative support professional. Learn about etiquette in the workplace, telephone communication, and written business communication. This course, Using Effective Business Communication, will provide you with tools to become a successful administrative support professional. You will learn how to disseminate information efficiently and effectively.

Target Audience
Administrative assistants who want to brush up on office procedures and skills, and individuals who want to prepare themselves for a business environment.

Expected Duration
2.0 hours

Lesson Objectives:

Business Greeting Etiquette

  • recognize the advantages of using proper formal business greeting etiquette.
  • apply the guidelines to greet clients and visitors effectively, in a given scenario.
  • apply the guidelines for performing formal introductions, in given scenarios.
  • Telephone Communications

  • recognize the benefits of effective telephone communication techniques.
  • follow the guidelines for making a telephone call, in a given business situation.
  • identify the telephone speaking guidelines, given a list.
  • apply the techniques for managing telephone calls, in a given business situation.
  • apply the guidelines for telephone based messaging, in a given business situation.
  • Written Business Communications

  • recognize the benefits of effectively writing business communications.
  • organize the steps involved in a business writing task.
  • identify presentation style elements of formal reports.
  • match the components of the formal report with samples of information.
  • match e-mail writing conventions with given actions.
  • identify the transcription guidelines.
  • Course Number: ADM0103