Administrative Functions

Administrative support professionals are the central nervous systems of an office. Their responsibilities are numerous and vital to the operation of their organization. Knowing the best ways to perform office functions will enable administrative support professional to complete their responsibilities efficiently and effectively. This course will present you with information that will help you succeed at your job. It will show you how to manage records, make business travel arrangements, and organize conferences and meetings. It will also introduce you to the automated office environment. Your career as an administrative support professional will benefit from the knowledge and skills presented in "Administrative Functions".

Target Audience
Administrative support specialists who want to brush up on office procedures and skills, and individuals who want to prepare themselves for a business environment.

Expected Duration
3.0 hours

Lesson Objectives:

Managing Records

  • identify the benefits of using a records management system.
  • match the appropriate stage of a records management life cycle to its description.
  • use the alphabetic, numeric, and alphanumeric classification systems to sort given records.
  • determine if all the basic steps for filing are followed, in a given scenario.
  • Business Travel Arrangements

  • identify the benefits of knowing how to effectively plan business travel.
  • choose the best course of action for planning a business trip, given an administrative scenario.
  • identify the main considerations for international travel that go beyond regular business trip arrangements.
  • Conferences and Meetings

  • identify the value of knowing how to plan and participate in business conferences and meetings.
  • determine if an administrative assistant followed the proper steps for planning a meeting or conference in a given scenario.
  • identify the key techniques for recording meetings.
  • use key techniques for participating effectively in a meeting, in a given scenario.
  • Using the Automated Office Workstation

  • identify the value of knowing how to use an automated workstation.
  • recognize the stages for processing information in an automated office.
  • match the applications software to its description.
  • identify the most effective options for organizing a workstation.
  • Course Number: ADM0104