Behavior: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Are you interested in taking charge of your career? Would you like your job to be more interesting, to offer you more challenges? Today's workplace offers more opportunities than ever for administrative support professionals to assume more responsibility and be more active in office decision-making. This course will show you some ways to assess yourself to ensure you're ready to work towards a new role. It will also show you some techniques for interacting with co-workers, subordinates, and superiors. In addition, you'll see how to project self-confidence and to become the kind of person to whom people give their loyalty and trust.

Target Audience
Administrative support professionals and executive secretaries looking for a way to improve their personal management skills.

Expected Duration
4.0 hours

Lesson Objectives:

Gauging Your Personality and Behavior

  • recognize the value of gauging your personality and behavior.
  • match the four personality types in the Personality Explorer model with their appropriate character descriptions.
  • apply techniques for maintaining a positive attitude, in a given scenario.
  • apply a course of action in a given scenario to change an undesired behavior.
  • Interacting with Others

  • recognize the value of using the techniques for interaction with others, in a given scenario.
  • apply skills for dealing with criticism, in a given scenario.
  • use techniques for being a more supportive team member in a given scenario.
  • apply the steps for asking for help in a given scenario.
  • identify strategies to increase personal power.
  • Maintaining a Professional Image

  • recognize the benefits of maintaining a professional image.
  • apply the guidelines for increasing self-esteem in a given scenario.
  • judge whether the guidelines for maintaining confidentiality have been followed effectively in a given scenario.
  • apply methods for keeping promises in a given scenario.
  • employ guidelines for accepting responsibility in a given scenario.
  • Course Number: ADM0111