Effective Telephone Techniques

This course provides the learner with critical information about making a good impression when communicating over the telephone. It emphasizes the importance of good telephone etiquette, offers tips for building trust over the telephone, and discusses important non-verbal actions that are present in most telephone interactions. Additionally, it helps the learner make the most out of technology when using voicemail, speakerphones, cellular phones, and conference calls.

Target Audience
This course will benefit business professionals who wish to communicate more effectively over the telephone.

Expected Duration
5.0 hours

Lesson Objectives:

Making a Good Impression on the Telephone

  • recognize the importance of making a good impression on the telephone.
  • identify examples of the principles of non-verbal communication.
  • identify examples of the principles of good telephone etiquette.
  • use good telephone etiquette in a simulated telephone conversation.
  • match the factors that impact image over the telephone with examples.
  • recognize examples of techniques used to build a caller's trust.
  • build a caller's trust using appropriate techniques in a simulated conversation.
  • Making the Most of Telephone Technology

  • recognize the importance of telephone technology to the business world.
  • identify examples of the principles for effective use of voicemail.
  • apply the principles for effective use of voicemail when presented with a scenario.
  • identify examples of the rules for speakerphone etiquette.
  • use speakerphone etiquette in a simulated meeting scenario.
  • select examples of appropriate cellular phone etiquette.
  • match the principles for the effective use of conference calls with examples.
  • Course Number: COMM0411