Working with Internal Customers

Excellent customer service lies at the heart of any successful business. However, you should not overlook the importance of meeting the needs and expectations of your fellow employees, your internal customers. By helping other people within your organization, you enable it to succeed. Great internal customer service improves people's morale, productivity, and external customer service, and ultimately makes your organization more financially secure. Giving great service to your internal customers means that people you work with can see, hear, and feel that they are valued. When employees value one another, the result is increased performance, which contributes to the success of the entire organization, and creates a positive and productive working environment.

Target Audience
Customer service representatives, front-line employees, and anyone who wants to improve the service they offer to their internal customers

Expected Duration
4.0 hours

Lesson Objectives:

The Importance of Serving Your Internal Customers

  • recognize the benefits of improving the service you offer your internal customers.
  • define who key and non-key internal customers are.
  • create an effective customer experience statement.
  • Communicating with Your Internal Customers

  • recognize the benefits of communicating effectively with internal customers.
  • use internal customers' physical experiences to meet and exceed internal customers' likely expectations.
  • use assertive behavior to manage conflict in a given scenario.
  • Internal Customer Service--A Structured Approach

  • recognize the benefits of taking a structured approach toward the implementation of internal customer service.
  • create an internal customer service plan.
  • set appropriate standards for internal customer service in a given scenario.
  • use the appropriate types of questions to obtain internal customer feedback.
  • Course Number: CUST0142