Overcoming Internal Customer Service Problems

Managing relationships with your internal customers isn't always smooth sailing. When internal customer service does not go according to plan, problems occur, or communication breaks down, what can you do to get your plans back on track, and break down barriers? At times like these, you and your employees need to act swiftly and proactively to solve the problem, and regain the customer's trust. In this course, you'll learn the art of sustaining excellent service, and recovering the situation when things go wrong. By examining the pitfalls that can occur, and following a set of useful techniques and guidelines, you can salvage internal customer relationships, and increase your chances of sustaining customer service excellence.

Target Audience
Managers, supervisors, customer service representatives, front-line employees, and anyone who wants to improve the service they offer to their internal customers

Expected Duration
3.5 hours

Lesson Objectives:

What Happens When Your Internal Customers Complain?

  • recognize the benefits of taking a positive approach toward complaints from internal customers.
  • recognize the elements that contribute to a complaint-friendly environment.
  • use solution space to handle complaints positively in a given situation.
  • use strategies for dealing with different types of dissatisfied customers in a given scenario.
  • Fixing Internal Customer Service Problems

  • recognize the value of fixing internal customer service problems.
  • diagnose the root cause of a problem using a fishbone diagram.
  • put a solution to a problem in place using a three-step process.
  • Managing Difficult Situations with Internal Customers

  • recognize the benefits of managing difficult situations effectively.
  • use techniques for negotiating with internal customers when unable to go that extra mile, in a given scenario.
  • communicate effectively with difficult internal customers.
  • Course Number: CUST0143