Organizational Culture and Leadership

What is organizational culture? How would you describe your company's culture? How is leadership related to culture? In this course, you'll explore the concepts related to organizational culture, and learn how the different cultures relate to leadership. You'll learn about the dynamics of cultural change and how you, as a leader, can influence the direction of your organization's culture. The course ends with strategies for leading in a learning culture.

Target Audience
Frontliners, middle and upper-level managers, anyone interested in developing leadership skills

Expected Duration
2.5 hours

Lesson Objectives:

An Introduction to Organizational Culture

  • recognize the importance of having a healthy organizational culture.
  • match business situations to their relationship with organizational culture.
  • match cultural traits with their manifested workplace behaviors.
  • identify the strategies that help companies create healthy cultures.
  • Assessing the Culture

  • recognize the benefits of assessing organizational culture.
  • identify the applicable steps to eliminating negative behaviors and making values more in sync with the times.
  • differentiate between a strategic process and a cultural process.
  • match the tasks involved in developing a healthy culture with the corresponding examples.
  • Leading Cultural Change

  • recognize the benefits of leading cultural change.
  • identify the ways for leaders to meet the needs of employees during times of cultural change.
  • identify the statements that are true about developing a vision.
  • identify the ways to redesign your leadership approach.
  • Leading in a Learning Culture

  • recognize the benefits of being a learning organization.
  • identify the characteristics of a learning organization.
  • identify the steps in the learning process.
  • differentiate among the roles of leaders in a learning organization and the functions they serve.
  • Course Number: LEAD0122