Process Management Skills

Efficiency, in software terms, can be the difference between ineffective, poorly designed software, and elegant, intuitive software. Efficiency in manufacturing is the difference between processes that yield top quality products at a reasonable price, and processes that spit out shoddy products regardless of price. Likewise, efficiency is critical to the effectiveness of a manager and to the manager's organization. To be efficient as a manager, you have to develop a suite of organizational skills including time management, performance management, and stress management. This course will help you develop your skills at organizing and scheduling activities such as meetings, client conferences, and personnel reviews. Process Management Skills will also assist you in setting goals and accomplishing tasks in less time but with higher quality. Applying these important strategies will also help you lower stress in your day-to-day dealings, making you more productive and your day more rewarding.

Target Audience
This course is designed for technical professionals who are considering managerial positions within their organizations.

Expected Duration
4.5 hours

Lesson Objectives:

Management Efficiency Strategies

  • recognize the benefits of management efficiency strategies.
  • label work-related activities with the category of time usage that each represents.
  • use project feasibility to determine project priority in a given scenario.
  • match the principles of personnel resource allocation to corresponding management activities.
  • Goal-setting Strategies for Management

  • recognize the benefits of goal-setting strategies.
  • match the five SMART attributes to the descriptions that best reflect each.
  • evaluate a goal using the SMART goal development strategy in a given scenario.
  • match the methods of assisting personnel with goals to management activities that reflect each.
  • apply goal setting strategy for assisting personnel with establishing effective goals in a given scenario.
  • Stress Management for the Technical Professional

  • recognize the benefits of stress management.
  • associate stressful situations with the contributors to stress.
  • match methods for reducing stress with practices that accomplish each.
  • use management activities to best apply stress reduction strategies in a given scenario.
  • evaluate whether actions taken by a manager to reduce the stress of an employee are effective in a given scenario and make recommendations, if needed.
  • Course Number: MGMT0123