Communication Skills to Fast-track Your Career

When it comes to communication, are you a high-speed modem or two tin cans and a string? If you want to put your career on the fast track, you'll have to communicate with the best of them. In this course, you'll sharpen your listening skills and improve your written and oral communication skills as well. Finally, you'll put it all together to produce audience-pleasing presentations. Communicate effectively and you'll move right up the fast track.

Target Audience
People who want to advance their careers

Expected Duration
2.5 hours

Lesson Objectives:

Are You Listening?

  • recognize the benefits of learning strong listening skills.
  • identify the ways to prepare to listen better.
  • apply knowledge of listening skills to identify the examples of steps to better listening.
  • identify the examples of ways to apply listening skills to improve job performance.
  • Improve Your Written Communication

  • recognize the importance of developing superior written communication skills.
  • identify the steps to writing effectively before writing a single word.
  • identify the examples of rules for effective written communication.
  • identify the ways to use e-mail effectively.
  • Important Aspects of Oral Communication

  • recognize the value of developing strong oral communication skills.
  • apply knowledge about the listening techniques for breaking through listening barriers to certain scenarios.
  • apply knowledge of the use of body language to reinforce verbal messages in certain scenarios.
  • apply knowledge of the techniques that improve telephone communications to specific scenarios.
  • Polishing Your Presentation Skills

  • recognize the benefits of developing presentation skills.
  • select the questions that help identify an attention-grabbing hook.
  • use knowledge of the steps to create a solid impromptu speech to select appropriate behaviors for presentations.
  • identify the tips for improving public speaking performance.
  • Course Number: PD0133