Improving Your Image

Lee Iacocca. Madeleine Albright. Colin Powell. Are these people who suffer from an image problem? Hardly. Do you think they were born projecting the strong, self-assured images they do? Probably not. Like other powerful leaders in business, government, and the military, they likely received training in how to project, how to impress, how to lead. A confident, positive self image is no less crucial to putting your career on the fast track. This course, "Improving Your Image," will teach you how to develop such an image. First, you will be given tips for determining the corporate image you currently have and the one you want to project. Next, you'll learn the subtleties of body language and how to use them. Some ways of making an impression are better than others; you'll learn the ways that are best. Finally, you'll learn the all-important tools that promote powerful communication, self-marketing, and leadership.

Target Audience
Employees who want to advance their careers

Expected Duration
3.0 hours

Lesson Objectives:

Determining Your Business Image Needs

  • recognize the importance of improving personal image.
  • identify tips for developing a healthy self-image.
  • identify ways to determine one's existing image.
  • identify ways to create the image you want.
  • Learning Body Speak

  • recognize the importance of learning the techniques of effective body language.
  • identify the significance of hand gestures.
  • identify the significance of eye contact, facial expressions, and voice tone.
  • identify ways to successfully use body language and clothing.
  • Best Ways To Make a Good Impression

  • recognize the importance of learning how to make a good impression.
  • assess the chances of successful risk-taking in particular business scenarios.
  • apply the appropriate decision-making step when presented with the process in a given business scenario.
  • use the appropriate method to show empathy in role-play scenarios.
  • Effective Self-marketing Strategies

  • recognize the importance of being able to market yourself.
  • identify components of effective speaking and listening to communicate with power.
  • analyze business scenarios to determine if ideas have been adequately expressed to "sell them."
  • identify effective motivation techniques.
  • Course Number: PD0136