Interpersonal Communication Skills for Business Simulation

Effective communication is a critical skill in today's business environment. People are expected to communicate with colleagues, customers, and management. To do this, employees need to understand the strategies and techniques that are essential for effective interpersonal communication in business. You are an account manager for Ottantoto, an electronics company. Ottantoto has partnered with Jackie's Department Store to create a line of products for the hip, price-conscious consumer. Your overall task is to get input on a possible new promotion for the line and present it to the VP of Marketing for Ottantoto. However, asking for help, project meetings, and customer complaints will get in the way. The simulation is based on the SkillSoft series "Interpersonal Communication Skills for Business" and contains links to the following SkillSoft courses: COMM0001, COMM0002, COMM0003, COMM0004

Target Audience
Anyone who wants to improve their interpersonal communication skills. The simulation would be helpful for those who work closely with colleagues, senior managers, or clients.

Expected Duration
0.5 hours

Lesson Objectives:

Interpersonal Communication Skills for Business Simulation

  • using effective communication strategies during a project meeting.
  • handling customer complaints effectively using the PLEASE technique.
  • practicing the most appropriate persuasion technique to communicate effectively with senior managers.
  • understanding and effectively applying the communication process.
  • applying effective listening skills including levels and types.
  • interpreting static and dynamic body language.
  • practicing assertive communication when appropriate.
  • communicating effectively with different social styles, communication styles, and communication preferences.
  • Course Number: COMM000S