Create Your Time and Memory Management Program

Getting started is always difficult. You've got a million reasons why you are too busy. Your schedule is so full, how can you afford the additional time required to organize yourself? This course presents exercises and techniques to help you incorporate effective time and memory management into your daily schedule. You will learn how to develop a personal time schedule that will enable you to use time effectively on a regular basis and techniques that will help you turn scheduling into a habit. A lesson on performing a formal time evaluation to uncover bad habits or track your progress is included, along with suggested behavioral changes you can implement immediately to build momentum and give yourself encouragement. Finally, the course offers a number of practical how-to tips on setting up a computer to assist you in overcoming time and memory management problems.

Target Audience
Employees at all levels, team members, staff members, team leaders, supervisors, managers, and sales professionals

Expected Duration
2.0 hours

Lesson Objectives:

Taking Action

  • recognize the benefits of developing a personal time management schedule.
  • sequence the steps used in creating a work action plan.
  • apply the simple guidelines to make a weekly schedule more flexible and easier to use.
  • identify when activities should be done to take advantage of natural work cycles.
  • Developing Good Habits

  • recognize the benefits of developing good time management habits.
  • select simple actions to repeat to set a good time management foundation.
  • identify several simple actions to get organized and stay motivated.
  • select the definition of the standardization process.
  • Evaluating Your Progress

  • recognize the benefits of performing a formal time audit.
  • sequence the basic steps required in a formal time audit.
  • sequence the steps required to evaluate whether time is used effectively.
  • identify the actions to overcome procrastination in a given situation.
  • Developing Good Computer Habits

  • recognize the value of developing good computer habits.
  • identify the actions to take prior to adding time management software to a business computer.
  • select the actions to clean up a hard drive.
  • select the valid backup techniques.
  • Course Number: PD0124