NetDownload Instructions

You can use NetDownload™ to download courses from SkillPort or your LMS for later offline learning. To use this option, you must first install the SkillSoft Course Manager (SCM) and download the course content along with their required course players to your PC.

Table of Contents

Installing the SkillSoft Course Manager (SCM)

  1. Log into SkillPort.

    Note: Although you can use a modem to download the SCM and content, SkillSoft recommends the use of a faster network connection when possible. You only have to install the SCM once; however, you must download content for each course you wish to take offline.

  2. On the site menu, click Catalog

  3. Under Course Information, click Course Curricula.

  4. Select the Course you wish to play.

  5. From the top of the Course Information page, click Download this Course (optional).

    A pop-up window displays informing you that you must install the SCM before downloading the course content:

  6. Click OK to install the SkillSoft Course Manager (SCM). A new browser window opens.

  7. From the Language drop-down list, select a language for the SCM, and click Install.

  8. Specify the installation options, and click Continue.

    Note: If you install the SCM with the Accessibility Support option, the ability to select lessons and topics is disabled.

    Note: There may be a slight delay while the installation application downloads. The installation time depends on your network speed and the options you specified. The installation dialog box displays the progress from 0 to 100%.

  9. When the installation is complete, click OK in the pop-up window.

  10. Close and restart your browser.

  11. Log back into SkillPort or your LMS site. The SCM initializes itself.

  12. Navigate back to the course you want to download.

Note: Once you have installed the SCM, all subsequent course downloads do not require you to redownload or reinstall the SCM.

Downloading Course Content

  1. Log into SkillPort.

  2. On the site menu, click Catalog.

  3. Under Course Information, click Course Curricula.

  4. Select the Course you wish to download.

  5. From the top of the Course Information page, click Download this Course (optional). Tip: You can also use the Search-and-Learn™ feature to locate a course.

  6. Depending on the Course(s) selected, you may be prompted to download and install a player.

    For example:

  7. Note: During the SCM installation, if you selected Install All Content Players, you would not receive these prompts.

  8. Depending on the specific player, click Yes or OK to install the required player.

    Note: If running Windows 2000 / XP, you needs to have Power User Rights or higher on your pc. The installation will not properly complete if you do not have these rights

  9. The SCM opens with the Download tab active. Make your selection, and click Download Now.

  10. The Download tab is a hierarchical listing of the Course Title, Lesson Titles, and Topic Titles for the course you selected. Not all courses provide the same level of download options. In some cases, you may only be able to download the entire course.

  11. After the content download is complete, click OK in the prompt that displays .

Note: If you want to download additional courses, you must close the SCM. To close the SCM, click EXIT.

Playing Offline Content

  1. Open the SkillSoft Course Manager by double-clicking the icon on your desktop.

    Note: The icon was added to your desktop during the installation process.

  2. In the Sign In dialog box, enter your user name and password. It is important to use the same user name as your SkillPort user name.
    The SCM opens with the Play tab highlighted.

  3. In the Play tab of the SCM, select the content you downloaded, and click Play Now.
    If you downloaded only a lesson or topic, you will see the lesson or topic as well as the Course title. Click the blue arrow to the left of the Course Title to expand the list and view the Lesson(s) and Topic(s). The Course, Lesson, or Topic you selected plays in its required player.

Note: To import your course results into SkillPort, you'll need to connect to the network, and launch SkillPort. When you do this, your course results are automatically imported into Skillport and will show in My Report.

Checking Offline Progress

Click the Progress tab of the SCM to display the progress for all downloaded courses.

Removing Offline Content

After you complete a course, you can remove it from your PC to make room for other courses.

Note: Make sure your records have synchronized with SkillPort prior to deleting a course. SkillSoft recommends connecting to the network, launching SkillPort and viewing My Report prior to deleting content from your PC.

  1. In the Remove tab of the SCM, select the content you wish to remove.

  2. Click Remove Now.
    The content is removed from your PC.

Uninstalling the SkillSoft Course Manager (SCM)

  1. On the taskbar, click the Start button, and select Programs, SkillSoft, Uninstall.

  2. In the SCM Uninstall Program dialog box, click OK.
    A dialog box displays when the uninstall is complete.

  3. Click Close.
    The SCM is uninstalled from your PC.


Netdownload with SCP 6.0 Version 1.0