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Desktop Computer Skills Element k Desktop New Releases 

Solution Area Curriculum Series or Learning Path Course Title Course # Estimated Duration
(in hours)
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 Adobe Flash CS5 
 Introduction to Adobe Flash Professional CS5at_fcsp_a01_it_enus1.50
 Drawing and Working with Images in Flash CS5at_fcsp_a02_it_enus3.00
 Using Flash CS5 Libraries, Text, and Componentsat_fcsp_a03_it_enus3.00
 Animation in Flash CS5at_fcsp_a04_it_enus2.00
 ActionScript and Multimedia in Flash CS5at_fcsp_a05_it_enus2.00
 Creating Navigation and Publishing Movies in Flash CS5at_fcsp_a06_it_enus1.50
 Adobe Photoshop CS5 
 Photoshop CS5: Getting Startedat_pcsp_a01_it_enus2.00
 Photoshop CS5: Beyond the Basicsat_pcsp_a02_it_enus3.00
 Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 
 Setting up a Site and Adding Content in Dreamweaver CS5at_dcsp_a01_it_enus2.50
 Adding Links and Images in Dreamweaver CS5at_dcsp_a02_it_enus2.00
 Tables, Accessibility, and Standards in Dreamweaver CS5at_dcsp_a03_it_enus1.50
 Reusing Content in Dreamweaver CS5at_dcsp_a04_it_enus1.50
 Creating Interactive Web Pages in Dreamweaver CS5at_dcsp_a05_it_enus2.50
 Cascading Style Sheets in Dreamweaver CS5at_dcsp_a06_it_enus2.50
 Adobe PhotoShop CS4 
 Photoshop CS4: Getting Startedat_pcsf_a01_it_enus2.00
 Photoshop CS4: Beyond the Basicsat_pcsf_a02_it_enus3.00
 Adobe Illustrator CS4 
 Illustrator CS4: Getting Startedat_icsf_a01_it_enus2.50
 Illustrator CS4: Beyond the Basicsat_icsf_a02_it_enus2.50
 Adobe InDesign CS4 
 Adobe InDesign CS4: Fundamentalsat_idcs_a01_it_enus2.00
 Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 
 Setting up a Site and Adding Content in Dreamweaver CS4at_dcsf_a01_it_enus2.50
 Adding Links and Images in Dreamweaver CS4at_dcsf_a02_it_enus2.00
 Tables, Accessibility, and Standards in Dreamweaver CS4at_dcsf_a03_it_enus1.50
 Reusing Content in Dreamweaver CS4at_dcsf_a04_it_enus2.00
 Creating Interactive Web Pages in Dreamweaver CS4at_dcsf_a05_it_enus2.50
 Cascading Style Sheets in Dreamweaver CS4at_dcsf_a06_it_enus2.50
 Dreamweaver CS4 Site Maintenance and Advanced Conceptsat_dcsf_a07_it_enus2.00
 Adobe Flash CS4 
 Introduction to Adobe Flash CS4 Professionalat_fcsf_a01_it_enus2.00
 Drawing and Working with Images in Flash CS4at_fcsf_a02_it_enus2.50
 Using Flash CS4 Libraries, Text, and Componentsat_fcsf_a03_it_enus3.00
 Animation in Flash CS4at_fcsf_a04_it_enus2.50
 ActionScript and Multimedia in Flash CS4at_fcsf_a05_it_enus2.00
 Workflow and Adobe Integration in Flash CS4at_fcsf_a06_it_enus2.00
 Creating Navigation and Publishing Movies in Flash CS4at_fcsf_a07_it_enus1.50
 Adobe AIR for Flash Developers 
 Adobe AIR for Flash Developersat_aafd_a01_it_enus1.00
 Adobe Fireworks CS4 
 Adobe Fireworks CS4: Fundamentalsat_fwcs_a01_it_enus2.00
 Adobe Captivate 4 
 Adobe Captivate 4at_capv_a01_it_enus1.50
 Adobe Reader X 
 Adobe Reader Xat_adre_a01_dt_enus1.00
 Adobe Reader 9 
 Adobe Reader 9at_rean_a01_dt_enus1.50
 Adobe Reader 8.0 
 Using Adobe Reader 8at_adar_a01_dt_enus2.50
 Adobe Acrobat 9 
 Adobe Acrobat 9: Fundamentalsat_adan_a01_it_enus2.00
 Adobe Acrobat 8.0 
 Creating and Working with PDFs in Adobe Acrobat 8at_adab_a01_dt_enus2.50
 Editing and Reviewing in Adobe Acrobat 8at_adab_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Forms and Document Security in Adobe Acrobat 8at_adab_a03_dt_enus1.50
 Advanced Features of Adobe Acrobat 8at_adab_a04_dt_enus2.00
 Adobe AIR 3 
 Adobe AIR for Flash Developersat_airr_a01_it_enus1.00
 Adobe InDesign CS5 
 Adobe InDesign CS5: Fundamentalsat_idct_a01_it_enus2.50
 Best Practices for Desktop Users 
 Information Security for End Users 
 Introduction to Information Securitydb_iseu_a01_dt_enus1.00
 Using your Desktop Computer and Mobile Devices Safelydb_iseu_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Using E-mail, the Internet, and Social Media Safely in a Corporate Environmentdb_iseu_a03_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Office 2010 
 Microsoft Office 2010: New Features 
 Office 2010 New Core Featuresmo_otnf_a01_dt_enus1.001.00
 New Messaging and Collaboration Features in Office 2010mo_otnf_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Office 2010 Web Apps and New Features in Publisher and Mobilemo_otnf_a03_dt_enus1.001.00
 Microsoft Office 2010 New Features for Users Migrating from Office 2003 
 The New Office 2010 Interface, Word 2010, and Excel 2010mo_nfum_a01_dt_enus1.001.00
 Outlook 2010 and Collaboration in Office 2010mo_nfum_a02_dt_enus1.001.00
 New Features for PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access in Office 2010mo_nfum_a03_dt_enus1.001.00
 Microsoft Office 2010: Beginning Word 
 Getting Started with Word 2010mo_bwrd_a01_dt_enus1.001.00
 Formatting and Working with Text in Word 2010mo_bwrd_a02_dt_enus1.001.00
 Organizing and Arranging Text in Word 2010mo_bwrd_a03_dt_enus1.001.00
 Moving Around in Word 2010mo_bwrd_a04_dt_enus1.001.00
 Structuring Word 2010 Documentsmo_bwrd_a05_dt_enus1.001.00
 Reviewing Documents in Word 2010mo_bwrd_a06_dt_enus1.001.00
 Saving, Sharing, and Printing in Word 2010mo_bwrd_a07_dt_enus1.001.00
 Customizing the Behavior and Appearance of Word 2010mo_bwrd_a08_dt_enus1.001.00
 Drawing and Inserting Graphics in Word 2010mo_bwrd_a09_dt_enus1.001.00
 Microsoft SharePoint 2010: New Features for End Users 
 SharePoint 2010 New Features for End Usersmo_nspe_a01_dt_enus1.001.00
 Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for End Users 
 Getting Started with SharePoint 2010mo_ospe_a01_dt_enus1.001.00
 Using SharePoint 2010 with Office 2010mo_ospe_a02_dt_enus1.001.00
 Microsoft SharePoint 2010: New Features for Power Users 
 Microsoft SharePoint 2010: New Features for Power Usersmo_nspp_a01_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Power Users 
 Managing SharePoint 2010 Sites, Lists, and Librariesmo_ospp_a01_dt_enus1.001.00
 Managing SharePoint 2010 Pages and Componentsmo_ospp_a02_dt_enus1.001.00
 SharePoint 2010 Security and Business Intelligencemo_ospp_a03_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Office 2010: Beginning Excel 
 Getting Started with Excel 2010mo_bexl_a01_dt_enus1.001.00
 Applying Basic Data Formatting in Excel 2010mo_bexl_a02_dt_enus1.001.00
 Moving and Getting Around in Excel 2010mo_bexl_a03_dt_enus1.001.00
 Moving Data and Modifying Worksheets in Excel 2010mo_bexl_a04_dt_enus1.001.00
 Saving, Sending, and Printing Excel 2010 Workbooksmo_bexl_a05_dt_enus1.001.00
 Using Conditional Formatting, Tables, and Sparklines in Excel 2010mo_bexl_a06_dt_enus1.001.00
 Reviewing and Protecting Content in Excel 2010mo_bexl_a07_dt_enus1.001.00
 Using Basic Formulas in Excel 2010mo_bexl_a08_dt_enus1.001.00
 Using Basic Functions with Excel 2010mo_bexl_a09_dt_enus1.001.00
 Inserting Basic Charts in Excel 2010mo_bexl_a10_dt_enus1.001.00
 Adding Visuals, Themes, and Styles to Excel 2010 Workbooksmo_bexl_a11_dt_enus1.001.00
 Microsoft Office 2010: Beginning Outlook 
 Getting Started with Outlook 2010mo_bout_a01_dt_enus1.001.00
 Managing Conversations and Organizing E-mail in Outlook 2010mo_bout_a02_dt_enus1.001.00
 Managing Attachments, Graphics, Signatures, and Autoreplies in Outlook 2010mo_bout_a03_dt_enus1.001.00
 Using the Calendar for Appointments, Events, and Meetings in Outlook 2010mo_bout_a04_dt_enus1.001.00
 Managing Meetings and Customizing the Calendar in Outlook 2010mo_bout_a05_dt_enus1.001.00
 Outlook 2010 Social Connector and Messagingmo_bout_a06_dt_enus1.001.00
 Working with Contacts in Outlook 2010mo_bout_a07_dt_enus1.001.00
 Using the Tasks, Notes, and Journal Features in Outlook 2010mo_bout_a08_dt_enus1.001.00
 Microsoft Office 2010: Advanced Word 
 Using Themes, Backgrounds, Watermarks, and Quick Parts in Word 2010mo_awrd_a01_dt_enus1.00
 Adding Tables of Contents, Footnotes, Hyperlinks, and Bookmarks in Word 2010mo_awrd_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Forms, Fields, and Mail Merge in Word 2010mo_awrd_a03_dt_enus1.00
 Managing, Inspecting, and Recovering Word 2010 Documentsmo_awrd_a04_dt_enus1.00
 Creating and Formatting Tables in Word 2010mo_awrd_a05_dt_enus1.00
 Manipulating Tables in Word 2010mo_awrd_a06_dt_enus1.00
 Embedding Charts and Tables into Word 2010mo_awrd_a07_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Office 2010: Advanced Excel 
 Customizing Visual Elements in Excel 2010mo_aexl_a01_dt_enus1.001.00
 Workbook Settings, Conditional Formatting, and Number Formats in Excel 2010mo_aexl_a02_dt_enus1.001.00
 Organizing Data and Objects in Excel 2010mo_aexl_a03_dt_enus1.001.00
 Verifying Excel 2010 Data and Formulasmo_aexl_a04_dt_enus1.001.00
 Automating Excel 2010 Tasks Using Macrosmo_aexl_a05_dt_enus1.001.00
 Analyzing Data With What-If Analysis in Excel 2010mo_aexl_a06_dt_enus1.001.00
 PivotTables and PivotCharts in Excel 2010mo_aexl_a07_dt_enus1.001.00
 PivotTable Filters, Calculations, and PowerPivotmo_aexl_a08_dt_enus1.001.00
 Microsoft Office 2010: Advanced Outlook 
 Formatting E-mail and Configuring Message Options in Outlook 2010mo_aout_a01_dt_enus1.00
 Customizing Outlook 2010 and Managing Accountsmo_aout_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Managing E-mail with Rules, Automatic Replies, and Alerts in Outlook 2010mo_aout_a03_dt_enus1.00
 Working with Files and Folders and Using Search and RSS Feeds in Outlook 2010mo_aout_a04_dt_enus1.00
 Data Files, Archiving, and Send/Receive Groups in Outlook 2010mo_aout_a05_dt_enus1.00
 Implementing Security with Outlook 2010mo_aout_a06_dt_enus1.00
 Accessing Exchange Remotely and Using Forms in Outlook 2010mo_aout_a07_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Office 2010: Beginning PowerPoint 
 Getting Started with PowerPoint 2010mo_bppt_a01_dt_enus1.001.00
 Visually Enhancing PowerPoint 2010 Presentationsmo_bppt_a02_dt_enus1.001.00
 Adding Images to Presentations in PowerPoint 2010mo_bppt_a03_dt_enus1.001.00
 Using Multimedia and Animations in PowerPoint 2010mo_bppt_a04_dt_enus1.001.00
 Microsoft Office 2010: Advanced PowerPoint 
 Using Advanced Slide Show Tools in PowerPoint 2010mo_appt_a01_dt_enus1.00
 Collaborating and Sharing Presentations in PowerPoint 2010mo_appt_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Office 2010: Beginning Access 
 Getting Started with Access 2010mo_bacc_a01_dt_enus1.001.00
 Creating Basic Tables in Access 2010mo_bacc_a02_dt_enus1.001.00
 Data Manipulation and Simple Relationships in Access 2010mo_bacc_a03_dt_enus1.001.00
 Introduction to Forms in Access 2010mo_bacc_a04_dt_enus1.001.00
 Modifying Basic Forms in Access 2010mo_bacc_a05_dt_enus1.00
 Introduction to Queries in Access 2010mo_bacc_a06_dt_enus1.00
 Introduction to Reports in Access 2010mo_bacc_a07_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Office 2010: Beginning Project 
 Introduction to Project Management using Project 2010mo_bprj_a01_dt_enus1.001.001.00
 Introduction to Project 2010mo_bprj_a02_dt_enus1.001.001.00
 Initializing a Project with Project 2010mo_bprj_a03_dt_enus1.001.00
 Defining Project Properties in Project 2010mo_bprj_a04_dt_enus1.001.00
 Building a Schedule with Project 2010mo_bprj_a05_dt_enus1.001.00
 Creating Resources in Project 2010mo_bprj_a06_dt_enus1.001.00
 Managing Resource Assignments with Project 2010mo_bprj_a07_dt_enus1.001.00
 Monitoring Schedule Performance with Project 2010mo_bprj_a08_dt_enus1.001.00
 Communicating Project Information with Project 2010mo_bprj_a09_dt_enus1.001.00
 Microsoft Office 2010: Advanced Access 
 Advanced Importing and Exporting with Access 2010mo_aacc_a01_dt_enus1.00
 PivotTables and PivotCharts in Access 2010mo_aacc_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Retrieving, Validating, and Attaching Data in Access 2010mo_aacc_a03_dt_enus1.00
 Subforms, Subreports, and Conditional Formatting in Access 2010mo_aacc_a04_dt_enus1.00
 Joins, SQL, and Action Queries in Access 2010mo_aacc_a05_dt_enus1.00
 Using Access 2010 with SharePoint and Access Servicesmo_aacc_a06_dt_enus1.00
 Access 2010 Macros and VBAmo_aacc_a07_dt_enus1.00
 Optimizing, Securing, and Sharing Access 2010 Databasesmo_aacc_a08_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Office 2010: Power User Excel 
 Sharing Excel 2010 Workbooks Online and on a Networkmo_pexl_a01_dt_enus1.00
 Using Excel 2010 to Collaborate Online and with Other Office Applicationsmo_pexl_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Using Lookup, Reference, Math, and Text Functions in Excel 2010mo_pexl_a03_dt_enus1.00
 Manipulating Formulas and Using Forms in Excel 2010mo_pexl_a04_dt_enus1.00
 Using Excel 2010 Data Connections: Web Queries, XML, and Databasesmo_pexl_a05_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Office 2010: Advanced Project 
 Advanced Customizing with Project 2010mo_aprj_a01_dt_enus1.001.00
 Advanced Tools for Managing Multiple Projects with Project 2010mo_aprj_a02_dt_enus1.001.00
 Advanced Resource Management with Project 2010mo_aprj_a03_dt_enus1.001.00
 Advanced Scheduling Management with Project 2010mo_aprj_a04_dt_enus1.001.00
 Advanced Reporting and Management Tools in Project 2010mo_aprj_a05_dt_enus1.001.00
 Microsoft Office 2010: Beginning Visio 
 Getting Started with Visio 2010mo_bvis_a01_dt_enus1.00
 Working with Diagrams in Visio 2010mo_bvis_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Collaboration, Evaluation and Printing in Visio 2010mo_bvis_a03_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft OneNote 2010 for End Users 
 Microsoft Office 2010: Managing Information with OneNotemo_onel_a01_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Office 2010: Sharing Information with OneNotemo_onel_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Office 2010: Lync for End Users 
 Microsoft Office 2010: Getting Started with Lyncmo_lync_a01_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Office 2010: Lync Meetings, Calls, Sharing and Collaborationmo_lync_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 
 Microsoft Office: Beginning Word for Mac 2011 
 Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Getting Startedom_bwmc_a01_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Formatting and Working with Textom_bwmc_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Structuring and Organizing Documentsom_bwmc_a03_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Moving Around a Documentom_bwmc_a04_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Adding and Formatting Imagesom_bwmc_a05_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Creating and Formatting Tablesom_bwmc_a06_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Saving, Printing, and Spellcheckingom_bwmc_a07_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Office: Beginning Excel for Mac 2011 
 Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Getting Startedom_bemc_a01_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Applying Basic Data Formattingom_bemc_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Navigating the Interface and Viewing Workbooksom_bemc_a03_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Moving Data and Modifying Worksheetsom_bemc_a04_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Using Basic Formulasom_bemc_a05_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Using Basic Functionsom_bemc_a06_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Inserting Basic Chartsom_bemc_a07_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Saving, Sending, and Printing Workbooksom_bemc_a08_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Office: Beginning Outlook for Mac 2011 
 Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011: Getting Startedom_bomc_a01_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011: Managing Conversations and E-mailom_bomc_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011: Mastering E-mailom_bomc_a03_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011: Scheduling with the Calendarom_bomc_a04_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011: Managing Contactsom_bomc_a05_dt_enus1.00
 Moving Beyond E-mail to Maximize Microsoft Outlook’s Potentialom_bomc_a06_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Office: Beginning PowerPoint for Mac 2011 
 Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 2011: Getting Startedom_bpmc_a01_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 2011: Adding Simple Presentation Enhancementsom_bpmc_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 2011: Using Media Files in a Presentationom_bpmc_a03_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 2011: Animations and Presentation Toolsom_bpmc_a04_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Office 2007 
 Microsoft Office 2007: New Features 
 New Features for End Users in Microsoft Office 2007239866_ENG1.501.50
 Microsoft Office Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook 2007239874_ENG1.501.50
 Microsoft Access 2007 and Microsoft Publisher 2007239976_ENG1.001.00
 Sharing and Collaboration in Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007240019_ENG2.002.50
 Microsoft Office 2007: Beginning Word 
 Getting Started with Word 2007mo_bgwd_a01_dt_enus1.001.50
 Working with Text and Paragraphs in Word 2007mo_bgwd_a02_dt_enus2.001.50
 Structuring, Editing, Saving, and Opening Documents in Word 2007mo_bgwd_a03_dt_enus2.002.00
 Printing, Help, and Automated Formatting in Word 2007mo_bgwd_a04_dt_enus2.002.00
 Working with Documents in Word 2007mo_bgwd_a05_dt_enus2.003.00
 Microsoft Office 2007: Advanced Word 
 Advanced Formatting in Word 2007mo_adwd_a01_dt_enus1.501.50
 Advanced Document Navigation and Document Reviews in Word 2007mo_adwd_a02_dt_enus2.502.50
 Using Tables, Charts, and Graphics in Word 2007mo_adwd_a03_dt_enus2.502.50
 Microsoft Office 2007: Word for the Power User 
 Advanced Data Manipulation Features in Word 2007mo_wdpu_a01_dt_enus1.00
 Advanced Document Features in Word 2007mo_wdpu_a02_dt_enus1.50
 Collaborative Features in Word 2007mo_wdpu_a03_dt_enus2.00
 Microsoft Office 2007: Beginning Excel 
 Getting Started with Excel 2007mo_bgex_a01_dt_enus2.002.00
 Manipulating and Formatting Data and Worksheets in Excel 2007mo_bgex_a02_dt_enus3.503.00
 Reviewing and Printing in Excel 2007mo_bgex_a03_dt_enus1.501.50
 Excel 2007 Formulas and Functionsmo_bgex_a04_dt_enus2.002.50
 Excel 2007 Charts, Pictures, Themes, and Stylesmo_bgex_a06_dt_enus1.502.50
 Microsoft Office 2007: Advanced Excel 
 Advanced Formatting in Excel 2007mo_adex_a01_dt_enus2.003.50
 Advanced Data Management in Excel 2007mo_adex_a02_dt_enus1.502.50
 Advanced Customization in Excel 2007mo_adex_a03_dt_enus2.003.00
 Microsoft Office 2007: Excel for the Power User 
 Analyzing Data in Excel 2007mo_expu_a01_dt_enus3.504.50
 Protecting and Sharing Excel 2007 Workbooksmo_expu_a02_dt_enus2.002.50
 Exchanging Data with Excel 2007mo_expu_a03_dt_enus3.003.00
 Microsoft Office 2007: Beginning PowerPoint 
 Getting Started with PowerPoint 2007mo_bgpp_a01_dt_enus1.501.50
 Adding Graphics to Presentations in PowerPoint 2007mo_bgpp_a02_dt_enus1.501.50
 Adding Multimedia and Animations to Presentations in PowerPoint 2007mo_bgpp_a03_dt_enus1.001.00
 Microsoft Office 2007: Advanced PowerPoint 
 Creating Custom Slide Shows in PowerPoint 2007mo_adpp_a01_dt_enus1.00
 Distributing Presentations in PowerPoint 2007mo_adpp_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Office 2007: Beginning Outlook 
 Getting Started with Outlook 2007mo_bgol_a01_dt_enus1.501.50
 Formatting and Managing E-mail in Outlook 2007mo_bgol_a02_dt_enus3.003.00
 Using the Calendar in Outlook 2007mo_bgol_a03_dt_enus3.00
 Using Contacts, Tasks, Notes, and Customizing the Interface in Outlook 2007mo_bgol_a04_dt_enus3.00
 Completing Searches, Printing Items, and Working with RSS Feeds in Outlook 2007mo_bgol_a05_dt_enus2.00
 Microsoft Office 2007: Advanced Outlook 
 Customizing Outlook 2007 and Using the Journalmo_adol_a01_dt_enus2.00
 Configuring Rules, Alerts, and Junk E-mail Settings in Outlook 2007mo_adol_a02_dt_enus2.00
 Working with SharePoint, Calendars, and Forms in Outlook 2007mo_adol_a03_dt_enus2.50
 Microsoft Office 2007: Outlook for the Power User 
 Data Security, Archiving, and Working Offline in Outlook 2007mo_olpu_a01_dt_enus3.00
 Instant, Text, and Unified Messaging in Outlook 2007mo_olpu_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Business Contact Manager with Outlook 2007mo_olpu_a03_dt_enus3.00
 Microsoft Office 2007: Beginning Access 
 Getting Started with Access 2007mo_bgac_a01_dt_enus1.502.50
 Basic Access 2007 Tablesmo_bgac_a02_dt_enus2.503.00
 Basic Access 2007 Formsmo_bgac_a03_dt_enus2.003.00
 Queries and Reports in Access 2007mo_bgac_a04_dt_enus2.503.00
 Microsoft Office 2007: Advanced Access 
 Importing and Exporting Data and Data Presentation in Access 2007mo_adax_a01_dt_enus2.003.00
 Advanced Data Management in Access 2007mo_adax_a02_dt_enus3.504.00
 Microsoft Office 2007: Access for the Power User 
 Programmability and Administration in Access 2007mo_acpu_a01_dt_enus1.502.00
 Database Administration in Access 2007mo_acpu_a02_dt_enus3.003.00
 Microsoft Office 2007: Beginning Visio 
 Creating Visio 2007 Diagramsmo_bgvs_a01_dt_enus2.50
 Enhancing and Customizing Diagrams in Visio 2007mo_bgvs_a02_dt_enus3.50
 Collaborating and Using Visio 2007 With Other Programsmo_bgvs_a03_dt_enus1.50
 Microsoft Office 2007: Beginning Project 
 Creating and Designing a Project with Project 2007mo_bgpr_a01_dt_enus3.504.003.50
 Specifying and Assigning Resources in Project 2007mo_bgpr_a02_dt_enus2.503.002.50
 Tracking and Reporting Progress with Project 2007mo_bgpr_a03_dt_enus3.004.003.00
 Microsoft Office 2007: Advanced Project 
 Advanced Customization with MS Project 2007mo_adpr_a01_dt_enus2.004.002.00
 Project Data Management and Performance with MS Project 2007mo_adpr_a02_dt_enus3.504.502.50
 Microsoft Office 2007: Publisher 
 Creating Customized Publications with Publisher 2007mo_pblr_a01_dt_enus3.00
 Extending Publisher 2007 Beyond Publicationsmo_pblr_a02_dt_enus2.00
 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 End User 
 SharePoint 2007 Essentials250450_ENG3.00
 Creating and Managing Personal Sites and Searches in SharePoint 2007250463_ENG2.50
 Microsoft Office 2007: Collaborating, Communicating, and Sharing Information 
 Microsoft Office 2007: Collaborating with Groove and Communicatormo_ncmg_a01_dt_enus2.503.00
 Microsoft Office 2007: Sharing Information with OneNote 2007mo_ncmg_a02_dt_enus1.002.00
 Microsoft Office Project Server 2007: Managing Projects 
 Initiating Projects with Project Server 2007mo_psmp_a01_dt_enus0.003.50
 Planning Projects with Project Server 2007mo_psmp_a02_dt_enus2.004.00
 Managing Resource Capacity in Project Server 2007mo_psmp_a03_dt_enus2.50
 Executing Projects with Project Server 2007mo_psmp_a04_dt_enus2.00
 Monitoring, Controlling, and Closing Projects with Project Server 2007mo_psmp_a05_dt_enus2.50
 Microsoft Office 2007: Outlook Web Access 
 Using Outlook Web Access 2007mo_otwa_a01_dt_enus2.00
 Outlook Web Access 2007 Advanced Featuresmo_otwa_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 for End Users 
 Attending a Microsoft Office 2007 Live Meetingmo_lmeu_a01_dt_enus1.00
 Hosting a Microsoft Office 2007 Live Meetingmo_lmeu_a02_dt_enus1.50
 Microsoft Windows 7 
 Microsoft Windows 7: First Look for End Users 
 Microsoft Windows 7: First Look for End Usersmw_mwfe_a01_dt_enus2.00
 Microsoft Windows 7: End User 
 Getting Started with Windows 7mw_mweu_a01_dt_enus1.50
 Setting up and Securing Windows 7mw_mweu_a02_dt_enus2.00
 Customizing Windows 7mw_mweu_a03_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Windows XP for End Users 
 Microsoft Windows XP: Getting Started 
 Introducing Windows XP112615_ENG1.25
 Microsoft Windows XP: New Features 
 Windows XP: Fundamentals112553_ENG3.50
 Windows XP: Advanced112554_ENG4.50
 Microsoft Windows XP for Beginners 
 Getting Started with Microsoft Windows XP112949_ENG4.50
 Up and Running with Microsoft Windows XP112954_ENG4.00
 Microsoft Office 2003 
 Microsoft Office 2003: New Features 
 Microsoft Office 2003: New Features for End Users117529_ENG2.003.00
 Microsoft Office 2003: New Features for Outlook Users126060_ENG2.002.50
 Microsoft Office 2003: New Applications117531_ENG1.001.00
 Microsoft Office 2003: New Features for Advanced Users117530_ENG4.002.50
 Microsoft Office 2003: Getting Started 
 Introduction to Microsoft Office 2003121587_ENG3.00
 Formatting and Printing Files in Office 2003121643_ENG3.00
 Microsoft Office 2003: Beginning Word 
 Getting Started with Word 2003112997_ENG1.001.00
 Working with text and paragraphs in Word 2003124981_ENG2.001.50
 Structuring, editing, saving, and opening documents in Word 2003123383_ENG2.002.00
 Printing, Help, and Automated Formatting in Word 2003116299_ENG3.002.50
 Working with Documents in Word 2003112998_ENG2.002.00
 Working with Tables and Media Features in Word 2003116894_ENG4.003.00
 Microsoft Office 2003: Advanced Word 
 Advanced Formatting in Word 2003113095_ENG2.002.00
 Advanced Document Navigation in Word 2003126778_ENG1.001.00
 Advanced Data Manipulation Features in Word 2003113114_ENG2.001.50
 Using Tables, Charts, and Graphics in Word 2003126789_ENG2.001.00
 Advanced Document Features in Word 2003121072_ENG2.002.00
 Collaborative Features in Word 2003113139_ENG4.003.00
 Microsoft Office 2003: Beginning Excel 
 Basic Features of Excel 2003113187_ENG3.003.00
 Printing and Collaborating in Excel 2003122518_ENG2.002.00
 Excel 2003 Formulas and Functions113221_ENG3.002.00
 Formatting Data in Excel 2003119827_ENG2.002.00
 Excel 2003 Chart and Multimedia Features119828_ENG3.003.00
 Microsoft Office 2003: Advanced Excel 
 Advanced Customization in Excel 2003119829_ENG2.751.50
 Advanced formatting in Excel 2003125656_ENG2.001.50
 Advanced Data Management in Excel 2003113262_ENG2.252.00
 Advanced Data Analysis in Excel 2003113309_ENG3.002.50
 Advanced Validation and Collaboration in Excel 2003121344_ENG3.002.00
 Advanced Data Exchange in Excel 2003119748_ENG4.003.00
 Microsoft Office 2003: Beginning PowerPoint 
 Creating Basic Presentations using PowerPoint 2003121838_ENG2.751.50
 Slide Layout and Design in PowerPoint 2003123164_ENG1.501.00
 Using Visuals in PowerPoint 2003 Presentations125933_ENG2.001.50
 Finalizing PowerPoint 2003 Presentations123167_ENG2.001.50
 Microsoft Office 2003: Advanced PowerPoint 
 Customizing PowerPoint 2003 Presentations121956_ENG2.002.00
 Preparing PowerPoint 2003 Presentations for Effective Delivery125830_ENG1.752.00
 Running, Broadcasting, and Reviewing PowerPoint 2003 Presentations124997_ENG2.753.50
 Settings, Customization, and Office 2003 Integration with PowerPoint 2003121957_ENG2.002.00
 Microsoft Office 2003: Beginning Access 
 Getting Started with Access 2003125937_ENG3.002.00
 Basic Access 2003 Tables125947_ENG3.002.50
 Basic Access 2003 Forms125956_ENG2.002.50
 Using Queries and Reports in Access 2003125964_ENG3.003.50
 Personalizing and Maintaining Access 2003125984_ENG1.001.00
 Microsoft Office 2003: Advanced Access 
 Enhancing Tables, Forms, and Reports in Access 2003126934_ENG2.252.00
 Advanced Querying in Access 2003126944_ENG1.751.50
 Working with Data and Presentation in Access 2003126950_ENG2.001.50
 Access 2003 and the Web126959_ENG1.251.00
 Access 2003 Programmability126965_ENG1.251.00
 Database Administration in Access 2003126973_ENG2.001.50
 Microsoft Office 2003: Beginning Outlook 
 Sending and Receiving Messages in Outlook 2003113430_ENG3.002.00
 Formatting and Managing Messages in Outlook 2003128879_ENG3.002.00
 Scheduling Events, Appointments, and Meetings in Outlook 2003128880_ENG3.002.50
 Using Task Lists, Contact Lists, and Notes in Outlook 2003128881_ENG2.002.00
 Microsoft Office 2003: Advanced Outlook 
 Customizing E-mail, Views, Navigation, and E-mail Accounts in Outlook 2003131326_ENG3.253.00
 Tracking, Categorizing, Searching, and Printing in Outlook 2003131341_ENG3.003.50
 Configuring Rules, Alerts, and Junk Mail Settings in Outlook 2003113469_ENG2.001.50
 Sharing Folders, Schedules, and Contacts and Using SharePoint Data in Outlook 2003129976_ENG3.003.50
 Microsoft Office 2003: Outlook for the Power User 
 Data Security in Outlook 2003132613_ENG2.50
 Archiving and Storing Data, and Using IRM in Outlook 2003206606_ENG1.25
 Working in Outlook 2003 from Multiple Locations132614_ENG3.25
 Newsreaders, Online Meetings, Instant Messaging, and Faxing Information in Outlook 2003132615_ENG2.50
 Customizing Toolbars and Commands and Creating Forms in Outlook 2003132616_ENG3.25
 Outlook 2003 and Business Contact Manager132617_ENG3.50
 Microsoft Office 2003: Beginning Project Professional 
 Creating and Defining a Project132490_ENG4.003.004.00
 Specifying and Assigning Resources132510_ENG2.752.502.75
 Tracking and Reporting Progress using Project Professional 2003132504_ENG3.253.503.25
 Microsoft Office 2003: Advanced Project Professional 
 Advanced Customization132661_ENG2.252.002.25
 Sharing Project Data and Working with Macros132659_ENG2.002.002.00
 Organizing and Managing Project Information205433_ENG3.003.003.00
 Working Collaboratively201354_ENG2.253.002.25
 Enterprise Project Management201357_ENG2.002.002.00
 Advanced Analysis of your Project206372_ENG2.752.502.75
 Microsoft Office 2003: Visio for Beginners 
 Creating Diagrams with Visio 2003132531_ENG3.254.00
 Developing Diagrams with Visio 2003132532_ENG3.753.50
 Visio 2003 and Other Programs132533_ENG2.002.00
 Microsoft Office 2003: Beginning FrontPage 
 Getting Started with FrontPage 2003121449_ENG2.00
 Working with graphics, hyperlinks and tables in FrontPage 2003131714_ENG3.00
 Working with Web Sites in FrontPage 2003122475_ENG2.00
 Organizing Content Using Templates and Frames in FrontPage 2003122481_ENG2.00
 Structuring and Publishing Web Sites in FrontPage 2003122092_ENG2.00
 Microsoft Office 2003: Advanced FrontPage 
 Working with Code in FrontPage 2003122120_ENG2.25
 Importing and Working with Data in FrontPage 2003121653_ENG4.25
 Enhancing Web Sites with Advanced FrontPage 2003 Features122099_ENG3.00
 Administering Web Sites in FrontPage 2003122100_ENG1.75
 Using Windows SharePoint Services and FrontPage 2003131456_ENG2.25
 Microsoft Office 2003: Publisher 
 Getting Started with Publisher 2003204924_ENG2.25
 Working with Text Boxes, Text, and Tables in Publisher 2003207503_ENG2.00
 Printing and Working with Graphics and Objects in Publisher 2003204925_ENG2.75
 Working with E-mail and Web Sites in Publisher 2003204927_ENG2.75
 Working with Mail and Catalog Merges in Publisher 2003207309_ENG1.00
 Advanced Design Techniques and Printing with Publisher 2003204928_ENG3.25
 Microsoft Project 2002 
 Microsoft Project 2002: Beginner (non-audio) 
 Getting Started with Project 2002117545_ENG1.751.75
 Up and Running with Project 2002117554_ENG2.00
 Tracking and Reporting with Project 2002117565_ENG1.751.75
 Microsoft Project 2002: Advanced (non-audio) 
 Data Sources, Templates, and Customization in Project 2002117348_ENG3.003.25
 Workgroup, Collaboration, and Advanced Reporting Options in Project 2002117361_ENG3.003.00
 Home User: Home and Personal Finance 
 QuickBooks Pro 2009 Fundamentals 
 QuickBooks Pro 2009: Getting Startedhp_iqbs_a01_dt_enus3.00
 Home and Personal 
 Home Networking with Microsoft Windows XP 
 Home Networking with Microsoft Windows XP66335_ENG1.00
 Lotus Notes 8 
 Lotus Notes 8: New Features for End Users 
 Lotus Notes 8: New Features for End Usersia_lnnf_a01_dt_enus2.00
 Lotus Notes 8: End User 
 Getting Started with Lotus Notes 8 and Using Mailia_lteu_a01_dt_enus2.504.00
 Scheduling Events and Managing Applicationsia_lteu_a02_dt_enus1.003.50
 Working with Instant Messaging, Contacts, and Blogsia_lteu_a03_dt_enus2.503.00
 Using Productivity Tools and Accessing Lotus Notes 8 Remotelyia_lteu_a04_dt_enus3.003.50
 Lotus Notes 7 
 Lotus Notes 7: End User 
 Getting Started with Lotus Notes 7 and Mail233489_ENG2.253.00
 Managing Mail, Instant Messaging, and Contacts in Lotus Notes 7233490_ENG2.752.50
 Working with Databases, the Calendar, and the To Do List in Lotus Notes 7233491_ENG3.002.50
 Using Lotus Notes 7 Remotely233492_ENG1.501.50
 Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 
 Microsoft Internet Explorer 9: End User 
 Microsoft Internet Explorer 9: Browsing and Managing Web Pagesid_mcin_a01_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Internet Explorer 9: Searching and Subscribing to Web Contentid_mcin_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Internet Explorer 9: Customization and Securityid_mcin_a03_dt_enus1.00
 Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 
 Microsoft Internet Explorer 8: End User 
 Internet Explorer 8: Basic Featuresid_mcie_a01_dt_enus1.50
 Internet Explorer 8: Advanced Featuresid_mcie_a02_dt_enus1.50
 Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 
 Microsoft Internet Explorer 7: End User 
 Fundamentals of Internet Explorer 7250164_ENG2.50
 Customization and Security in Internet Explorer 7250177_ENG2.00
 Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 
 Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (non-audio) 
 Fundamentals of Internet Explorer 6117246_ENG3.25
 Moving on with Internet Explorer 6117260_ENG2.75
 Seagate Crystal Reports 
 Fundamentals of Crystal Reports 2011 
 Getting Started with Crystal Reports 2011cr_crre_a01_dt_enus2.50
 Crystal Reports XI: Report Writing Basics 
 Reporting Basics with Crystal Reports XI234748_ENG3.002.50
 Managing Data and Distributing Reports with Crystal Reports XI234758_ENG3.003.00
 Microsoft Windows Vista 
 Microsoft Windows Vista: New Features for End Users 
 Windows Vista User Experience242954_ENG2.003.00
 Windows Vista Security and Performance Improvements242964_ENG1.752.00
 Microsoft Windows Vista for the End User 
 Getting Started with Windows Vistamv_wveu_a01_it_enus1.50
 Work with Files, Programs, and Printing in Windows Vistamv_wveu_a02_it_enus2.00
 Navigating the Web and System Maintenance with Windows Vistamv_wveu_a03_it_enus2.00
 Overview of SAP for Project Teams 
 Overview of SAP Solutionssa_ospt_a01_it_enus2.00
 Financial Accounting with SAPsa_ospt_a02_it_enus2.50
 SAP Logistics Modulessa_ospt_a03_it_enus3.00
 SAP ERP Architecturesa_ospt_a04_it_enus1.50
 SAP Administrationsa_ospt_a05_it_enus2.00
 SAP Project Planning and Implementationsa_ospt_a06_it_enus2.00
 SAP NetWeaver Platformsa_ospt_a07_it_enus2.00
 SAP Business Suite 7 for End Users 
 SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)sa_bseu_a01_dt_enus2.50
 SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)sa_bseu_a02_dt_enus2.00
 SAP Product Lifecycle Managementsa_bseu_a03_dt_enus2.00
 SAP Supply Chain Managementsa_bseu_a04_dt_enus2.00
 SAP Supplier Relationship Managementsa_bseu_a05_dt_enus1.50
 SAP Business One for End Users 
 SAP Business One - Introduction for End Userssa_boeu_a01_dt_enus2.00
 SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence 
 SAP BusinessObjects: Overviewsa_bobi_a01_dt_enus1.50
 SAP BusinessObjects: Crystal Reportssa_bobi_a02_dt_enus1.50
 SAP BusinessObjects: Web Intelligencesa_bobi_a03_dt_enus1.50
 SAP BusinessObjects: Dashboards and Analyticssa_bobi_a04_dt_enus1.00
 SAP BusinessObjects: InfoViewsa_bobi_a05_dt_enus1.50
 SAP BusinessObjects: Business Intelligencesa_bobi_a06_dt_enus1.00
 Apple Safari X 
 Apple Safari for End Users 
 Getting Started with Safariid_apsa_a01_dt_enus1.00
 Up and Running with Safari 5.1id_apsa_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Sharing Content and Browsing the Web Privately and Securely using Safariid_apsa_a03_dt_enus1.00
 Apple Mac OS X 
 Mac OS X Lion for End Users 
 Getting Started with Mac OS X Lion for End Usersao_ameu_a01_it_enus1.00
 Getting Organized with Mac OS X Lionao_ameu_a02_it_enus1.00
 Using Mac OSX Lion to Interact with the Worldao_ameu_a03_it_enus1.00
 Under the Hood with Mac OS X Lionao_ameu_a04_it_enus1.00
 Mentoring Assets 
 Mentoring Assets 
 Mentoring 77-881 Word 2010mnt77881
 Mentoring 77-882 Excel 2010mnt77882
 Mentoring Using Word 2007mntwd2007
 Mentoring Using Excel 2007mntex2007
 Mentoring Using PowerPoint 2007mntpp2007
 Mentoring Using Access 2007mntac2007
 Mentoring Using Outlook 2007mntol2007
 Mentoring 70-632 TS: Microsoft Office Project 2007, Managing Projectsmnt70632
 Mentoring Word 2003 Expertmntwd2003e
 Mentoring Excel 2003mntex2003c
 Mentoring Excel 2003 Expertmntex2003e
 Mentoring Access 2003mntac2003c
 Mentoring PowerPoint 2003mntpp2003c
 Mentoring Outlook 2003mntol2003c
 Mentoring Word 2003mntwd2003c
 Mentoring 77-883 PowerPoint 2010mnt77883
 Mentoring 77-884 Outlook 2010mnt77884
 Mentoring 77-885 Access 2010mnt77885
 Mentoring 77-888 Excel 2010 Expertmnt77888
 Mentoring 70-178 Microsoft Project 2010, Managing Projectsmnt70178
 Test Preps 
 Test Preps 
 TestPrep Using Word 2007TPWD2007_ENG
 TestPrep Using Excel 2007TPEX2007_ENG
 TestPrep Using PowerPoint 2007TPPP2007_ENG
 TestPrep Using Outlook 2007TPOL2007_ENG
 TestPrep Using Access 2007TPAC2007_ENG
 TestPrep 70-632 TS: Microsoft Office Project 2007, Managing ProjectsTP70632_ENG
 TestPrep 77-881 Word 2010mo_bwrd_a01_tp_enus0.83
 TestPrep 77-882 Excel 2010mo_bexl_a01_tp_enus0.83
 TestPrep 77-883 PowerPoint 2010mo_bppt_a01_tp_enus0.83
 TestPrep 77-885 Access 2010mo_bacc_a01_tp_enus0.83
 TestPrep 77-884 Outlook 2010mo_bout_a01_tp_enus0.83
 TestPrep 77-888 Excel 2010 Expertmo_aexl_a01_tp_enus0.83
 TestPrep 70-178 Microsoft Project 2010, Managing Projectsmo_bprj_a01_tp_enus2.75
 Microsoft Windows 8 
 Microsoft Windows 8: End User 
 Windows 8: New Features and Common Tasksmw_eteu_a01_dt_enus1.00
 Files and Connectivity in Windows 8mw_eteu_a02_dt_enus1.00
 Personalizing Windows 8mw_eteu_a03_dt_enus1.00
 Working with Apps in Windows 8mw_eteu_a04_dt_enus1.00
 Internet Explorer 10, File Sharing, and Recovery in Windows 8mw_eteu_a05_dt_enus1.00
 Managing Hardware and Advanced Options in Windows 8mw_eteu_a06_dt_enus1.00
Element K Desktop 
 Animation & Multimedia 
 Adobe® Soundbooth® CS5 
 Adobe® Soundbooth® CS5en_us_246649_ek1.00
Element K Desktop 
 Authoring Tools 
 Adobe RoboHelp 
 Adobe® RoboHelp® 8: Level 2en_us_202412_ek5.00
Element K Desktop 
 Microsoft OneNote 
 OneNote® 2010: Collaborating and Working with Notesen_us_289503_ek0.50
 OneNote® 2010: Creating Notesen_us_289499_ek1.00
 OneNote® 2010: Getting Started with OneNote 2010en_us_289496_ek1.00
 OneNote® 2010: Integrating OneNote with Other Applicationsen_us_289501_ek1.00
 OneNote® 2010: Organizing and Working with OneNoteen_us_289500_ek1.00
Element K Desktop 
 End-user Databases 
 FileMaker Pro 10 
 FileMaker® Pro 10: Level 1en_us_134817_ek6.00
 FileMaker® Pro 10: Level 2en_us_135192_ek6.00
 OpenOffice 3.0 
 Open Office 3.0: New featuresen_us_113281_ek0.50
 OpenOffice 3.1 3.1 Baseen_us_148526_ek7.00
Element K Desktop 
 QuickBooks 2010 
 QuickBooks® 2010 for Windows: Advanceden_us_161465_ek6.00
 QuickBooks® 2010 for Windows: Introductionen_us_159981_ek6.50
Element K Desktop 
 Graphics & Illustration 
 Adobe Captivate 
 Adobe® Captivate® 5en_us_254495_ek5.50
 Adobe Illustrator CS5 
 Adobe® Illustrator® CS5: Level 1en_us_254320_ek6.00
 Adobe® Illustrator® CS5: Level 2en_us_193200_ek8.00
 Adobe® Illustrator® CS5: New Featuresen_us_237530_ek1.00
 Adobe Photoshop CS5 
 Adobe® Photoshop® CS5: Level 1en_us_253981_ek5.50
 Adobe® Photoshop® CS5: Level 2en_us_195507_ek6.00
 Adobe® Photoshop® CS5: New Featuresen_us_196519_ek1.00
 Adobe® Photoshop® CS5: Photo Printing and Coloren_us_241587_ek7.50
 Adobe® Photoshop® CS5: Web Productionen_us_202413_ek5.00
 Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 
 Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 7en_us_128580_ek1.00
 Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 
 Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 9en_us_258120_ek1.00
 Adobe Premiere Elements 7 
 Adobe® Premiere® Elements 7: New Featuresen_us_151203_ek1.00
 Adobe® Premiere® Elements 9: New Featuresen_us_257230_ek1.00
 Adobe RoboHelp 8 
 Adobe® RoboHelp® 8: Level 1en_us_154359_ek7.00
 Adobe® CS5.5 
 Adobe® CS5.5: New Featuresen_us_301680_ek3.00
 Adobe® Flash® Catalyst ™ 
 Adobe® Flash® Catalyst™: Creating Interactive Designs - First Looken_us_166472_ek2.00
 Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS5.5 
 Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS5.5: Basic Video Editingen_us_293846_ek6.00
 CorelDRAW® X4 
 CorelDRAW® X4: Level 1en_us_119268_ek6.00
 CorelDRAW® X4: Level 2en_us_123038_ek5.50
Element K Desktop 
 IBM® Lotus® Domino® 
 IBM® Lotus® Domino® 8 
 Exploring New Features in IBM® Lotus® Domino® 8 Administrationen_us_78362_ek3.50
Element K Desktop 
 Google Apps 
 Google™ Apps for Businesses: Collaborating Using Google Groupsen_us_243461_ek1.00
 Google™ Apps for Businesses: Collaborating Using Google Sitesen_us_243465_ek1.00
 Google™ Apps for Businesses: Communicating Using Gmailen_us_243454_ek1.00
 Google™ Apps for Businesses: Communicating Using Gmail Chat and Google Talken_us_243456_ek1.00
 Google™ Apps for Businesses: Getting Started with Google Appsen_us_243453_ek1.00
 Google™ Apps for Businesses: Managing Schedules Using Google Calendaren_us_243457_ek2.00
 Google™ Apps for Businesses: Working with Google Documents and Presentationsen_us_243458_ek1.50
 Google™ Apps for Businesses: Working with Google Spreadsheets and Formsen_us_243460_ek1.50
 Google™ Apps for Businesses: Working with Google Videoen_us_243466_ek1.00
Element K Desktop 
 Microsoft Office for Windows 
 IC3 for MS Office 2007 
 IC³ Computing Fundamentalsen_us_269436_ek4.00
 IC³ Key Applicationsen_us_270078_ek15.00
 IC³ Living Onlineen_us_270080_ek7.50
Element K Desktop 
 Microsoft InfoPath 2010 
 InfoPath® 2010: Applying Security to Formsen_us_285218_ek0.50
 InfoPath® 2010: Creating InfoPath Formsen_us_285211_ek1.00
 InfoPath® 2010: Customizing Form Layoutsen_us_285216_ek1.00
 InfoPath® 2010: Distributing Formsen_us_285219_ek0.50
 InfoPath® 2010: Importing and Exporting Formsen_us_285215_ek0.50
 InfoPath® 2010: Managing Controlsen_us_285220_ek0.50
 InfoPath® 2010: Managing Viewsen_us_285217_ek0.50
 InfoPath® 2010: Working with a Databaseen_us_285224_ek0.50
Element K Desktop 
 Page Layout 
 Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Pro 
 Adobe® Acrobat® 9.0 Pro: Level 1en_us_97338_ek5.50
 Adobe® Acrobat® 9.0 Pro: Level 2en_us_97467_ek5.00
 Adobe® Acrobat® 9.0: Pro Extendeden_us_106970_ek2.00
 Adobe Acrobat X Pro 
 Adobe® Acrobat® Χ Pro: Level 1en_us_246648_ek6.00
 Adobe® Acrobat® Χ Pro: Level 2en_us_248065_ek5.00
 Adobe FrameMaker 9.0 
 Adobe® FrameMaker® 9.0: Level 1en_us_133630_ek6.00
 Adobe® FrameMaker® 9.0: Level 2en_us_154111_ek7.00
 Adobe InDesign CS5 
 Adobe® InDesign® CS5: Level 1en_us_194176_ek7.00
 Adobe® InDesign® CS5: Level 2en_us_232077_ek8.50
 Adobe® InDesign® CS5: New Featuresen_us_200306_ek1.50
 QuarkXPress 8 
 QuarkXPress 8: Level 2en_us_269431_ek5.00
 QuarkXPress® 8.0: Level 1en_us_160049_ek6.00
Element K Desktop 
 Microsoft Publisher 2010 
 Publisher 2010: Editing Content in a Publicationen_us_284818_ek1.00
 Publisher 2010: Formatting Graphics in a Publicationen_us_284820_ek0.50
 Publisher 2010: Formatting Text in a Publicationen_us_284817_ek1.00
 Publisher 2010: Getting Started with Publisher 2010en_us_284811_ek1.00
 Publisher 2010: Modifying the Layout and Structure of a Publicationen_us_284813_ek1.00
 Publisher 2010: Preparing a Publication for Distributionen_us_284822_ek1.00
 OpenOffice 3.1 3.1 Calcen_us_147119_ek6.50
 Xcelsius 2008 
 Xcelsius 2008: Essentialsen_us_110057_ek4.50
Element K Desktop 
 Reporting Tools 
 Crystal Reports® 2011 
 Crystal Reports® 2011: Level 1en_us_297932_ek8.50
 Crystal Reports® 2011: Level 2en_us_308854_ek8.00
Element K Desktop 
 Microsoft® Office Excel® 2010 
 Microsoft® Office Excel® 2010: VBAen_us_311167_ek6.00
Element K Desktop 
 Web Browsers 
 Being Productive With Google 
 Getting Productive with Google™en_us_164856_ek3.00
 Google™ Chrome: Introductionen_us_162180_ek2.00
 Google™ Adwords for Businesses 
 Google™ AdWords for Businessesen_us_173525_ek5.50
Element K Desktop 
 Web Design 
 Adobe ActionScript 
 Adobe® ActionScript® 3.0en_us_154619_ek6.00
Element K Desktop 
 Word Processing 
 OpenOffice 3.1 3.1 Writeren_us_148113_ek7.00
New Releases 
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